About Us

When Jimmy Clark purchased Guy M. Turner in 1984, the company consisted of about four cranes, two trucks, and five rigging crews. Thirty-nine years later, we’ve expanded to become one of the largest and most recognized crane, rigging, and heavy/specialized transportation companies in the United States.

Nowadays, we operate out of a 50,000-square-foot facility that spans over 25 acres. And we need the space: With 75+ cranes, 15 rigging crews, multiple-axle trailers capable of hauling 300,000+ lbs., and a vast array of miscellaneous heavy equipment, we’re not going to fit in any old backyard.

But it’s not just our space that has expanded. As the times changed, we also expanded our range of services to accommodate the growing needs of our clients. We offer plant relocation, heavy hauling, specialized hauling, heavy rigging, millwright and crane services, rigging, electrical installation, and warehousing. And we’re constantly seeking out new ways to refine our processes and grow even further.

One thing hasn’t changed: Our commitment to treating people with respect. For our clients, that means following through on our promises. For our employees, that means rewarding experience, and understanding that the most important thing in life is family.

It means using high-quality, well-serviced machines from the most trusted manufacturers, backed by decades of experience. It means visiting factories in person to examine the manufacturing processes used to create our machines. It means not purchasing a piece of equipment until we’re certain that it’s strong, capable, and safe. Because when you’re hauling a 200-ton machine down a highway at 60 miles per hour or lifting thousands of pounds in the air, there’s no room for mistakes.

We’re proud of the faith our customers have placed in us throughout the years. We’re proud that we are now one of the most recognized crane, rigging, and heavy/specialized transportation companies in the country. But most of all, we’re proud of the work we do every single day—from lifting an air conditioning unit onto a rooftop, to hauling a transformer to its final destination. In that sense, we’re still the same company we were in 1984.


We’re proud to support our industry’s best practices, and to be recognized for our adherence to the highest standards.